BitX: An intelligent 
Bitcoin wallet

A complete redesign of BitX's current mobile app, focusing on material design and great user experience for Bitcoin clients.


BitX is a global Bitcoin platform, providing highly secure wallets, institutional quality exchanges, and various API’s for merchant and other business integration. BitX customers can use the BitX Smart Wallet for faster and cheaper money transfers to family and friends, buying things online and trading and storing their Bitcoin. BitX has always been a mobile first company, building their business around a mobile core. This is in line with their company vision to make money frictionless and universally accessible.

Isoflow has been consulted on various stages of the BitX journey, predominantly around user experience and design collaboration.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
BitX Android and iOS Mobile Designs

Design Process

We kicked off the project with workshops alongside the BitX team, which initiated a collaborative working environment. While our involvement began with minor UI & UX improvements to the current app, we were later given the task of redesigning the app with a fresh look aligned with Google’s Material Design Guidelines.

BitX Multiple Android Screen Designs

Colour Palettes

We took BitX’s existing colour palette and gave it a fresh, modern feel by steering the colours away from a previously gradient-based UI and incorporating brighter tints that were more appealing and inline with material design.

BitX Primary Colour Palette
BitX Secondary Accents Colour Palette
Secondary Accents
BitX Typography Colour Palette

Android Mobile Designs

The overall redesign of BitX’s current app involved re-thinking the entire user experience, as well as introducing new concepts and features to increase the app’s efficieny. A significant part of the redesign was the adoption of material design’s card-based system for displaying content.

BitX Mobile Android Screen Designs

"It's been great working with the Isoflow team on a number of design and UX projects - they are responsive, hands-on and really good at what they do."

Marcus Swanepeol
Marcus Swanepoel
Co-Founder & CEO, BitX

iOS Mobile Designs

While the majority of BitX users have Android devices, the app is also available for download on iOS. We applied the same material design approach to the iOS app but incorporated the relevant styling such as gradients for more of a native app feel.

BitX iOS Screen Designs

UI Card Design

The detailed card designs were an important part of our redesign. We took a close look into the application of cards in material design and made use of fun illustrations, bright colours and crafted typography to display the data.

BitX Multiple Card Design Layouts

Web Application

The mobile design was adapted to create a web version, with an emphasis on good user experience and responsiveness. Our biggest challenge was the navigation; we explored different options and mutiple iterations were required.

BitX Web Application Designs

Loading Animation

We designed a custom universal loading animation, formed around the BitX logo. We utilised the playful nature of the rotating X.

BitX Loading Animation

Marketing Site

BitX asked for our help with redesigning a section of their marketing website. We improved the layout, the UX and added with some fresh new graphics.

BitX Marketing Site Design