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Your idea solves a need in a clever way, but you need help turning it into a product. We understand ideas and products and can shape them into great experiences.

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You have an existing product but know that there's a better, more elegant design that can improve it. We take complex products and make them simple.

— Need a Design Partner?

You need an outsourced design partner to complement your in-house skills. We offer a broad range of services to assist marketing teams to ensure quality output.

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Why choose us?

We make complex simple

Leading software companies from the USA, UK, Australia and South Africa choose Isoflow as their design partner. Our clients trust us because we treat their products like our own, and they like working with us because we make complex products simple to use. This results in quite simply, happier customers and an increased bottom line.

So much more than just design

Our team has a strong robustly-tested background in enterprise software development, so even though we focus on design, every aspect of development is considered. We speak “developer” and work closely with your in-house team or preferred development partner to ensure the product that was envisioned gets delivered — every time.

Apps for breakfast, lunch and dinner

We’re not a traditional design agency. We don’t do once-off brochure websites and short-lived campaigns. Every project we take on is centred around a technology product that is pivotal to our clients’ business and bottom line. Users are spoilt for choice, only the best web and mobile apps will survive. We craft functional apps with longevity in mind.

So your project is done. Now what?

Software is a process, not a product. We are a relationship, not a transaction. As your partner, we perform usability audits and user experience testing to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction. We also support your marketing team with design for web and email marketing campaigns, social media and trade show branding — all under one roof.

Our Team

Werner Janse van Rensburg
Werner Janse van Rensburg Managing Director

UI designer since primary school. Werner even skipped school once to work on a project for Hewlett-Packard. When he's not collaborating with clients or mentoring his team, he fills his time by swimming with sharks and taking beautiful photos around the world.

Cobus Pienaar
Cobus Pienaar Operations Manager

A former software developer turned business developer with a focus on efficiency and innovation. When he's not studying or working, you’ll find Cobus spending time with his family or exploring the wonderful wildlife that South Africa has to offer.

Ryan Levenson
Ryan Levenson Project Lead

A fascination for problem solving led Ryan into the UI/UX design field. When not designing or on the soccer field, you can find him in the Guinness book of records… wearing a speedo. He is currently working on getting his cat fat enough to break records by only feeding him kitten food.

Vanessa Phillips
Vanessa Phillips Senior UI/UX Designer

Crafter of web and mobile experiences. Vanessa comes from a journalism and print design background, but developed a passion for the digital design world while living in the Silicon Valley for a year. She’s a wine drinker, cat lover and traveller.

Ruth Gathercole
Ruth Gathercole UX & Business Analyst

UX Thinker and big dreamer. Involved in everything from wireframing to project management, Ruth enjoys watching a project grow from a concept into a finished product and working with the team to solve challenges. She’s always ready for an adventure!

Micaela Reeves
Micaela Reeves UI/UX Designer

Micaela graduated with a degree in Information Design from Tukkies University. Having worked in graphic design for six years, she is now taking the leap into the world of digital. Micaela loves to run, swim or bike - so she can eat heaps of Nutella sarmies.

Chloë Humby
Chloë Humby UI/UX Designer

With a background in tech startups, Chloë is all about how things look and how they work. She’s driven by her interest in the way people relate to, interact with, and become hooked on digital products. Outside of work, she’s an avid surfer, skater, yogi, and amateur potter.

Neal Hampton
Neal Hampton UI Designer

After completing an advanced diploma in Multimedia Design, Neal found a keen passion for line illustration/icon design, and later user interface design. During his free time, Neal can be found practising his design skills, listening to all things alternative and going square-eyed from video games.

Jocelyn Crankshaw
Jocelyn Crankshaw UI/UX Designer

After a few years in the hospitality industry, Jocelyn stumbled upon design and never looked back. She has a great love for finding solutions that are both functionally effective and really nice to look at. In her free time you’ll find her serenading her neighbours with unsolicited ukelele solos from her balcony.

Tegan Denyer
Tegan Denyer UI Designer

Tegan has a degree in Brand Communication, specialising in Art Direction. She believes creativity is intelligence having fun, which is how she found her passion for UI design. Tegan fills her time supporting local bands, going wine tasting with friends and keeping up with the latest design trends.

Amy Hirst
Amy Hirst UI/UX Designer

While studying Brand Communication, Amy realised her passion for all things digital and went on to complete a second degree in Interaction Design. When she's not reading up on new design trends, she enjoys screen printing her own T-shirts, creating hand drawn illustrations and being adventurous.

Lieschen Badenhorst
Lieschen Badenhorst UX Designer

Lieschen completed her degree in Socio Informatics at the University of Stellenbosch. She firmly believes that the harder you work the luckier you get. When she’s not at the office, she enjoys sightseeing in the Mother City or searching for the next best place to buy a steaming cup of coffee.

Thozama Khohlela
Thozama Khohlela Office Barista

Proud grandmother and full-time comedian. Thozama keeps the jokes coming and the coffee flowing. She always has a lot to say, and we can’t wait to hear her next chirp or the new nickname she’s given to a team member.

Our Clients

  • SA Rugby Mag
  • EasyEquties
  • CricketSA
  • Satrix
  • JustEnough
  • Nashua Mobile
  • Yoco
  • Santam
  • Rawson
  • Sasol
  • luno
  • Zapper

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